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DS8300 is my geocaching name and I am based in Gävle, Sweden, so the caches I hide are mostly in this area. I started geocaching in 2003 and still find it a fascinating and exciting pastime.

Those caches I have found are from all over the world, to date from twenty one countries. I started to list all the caches I found on this site, but it became quite a chore at times, so the  list got out of date and I now just link to www.geocaching.com. Just log in and look at my profile there for details of my finds.

This site covers my personal experiences with geocaching and acts as a platform for keeping reasonably up to date with developments in web site generation, digital photography, GPS tagging and mapping.



As I am fortunate enough to have the possibility to travel all over the world I have a Travel photo gallery. In this gallery there is a specific album just for geocaching photographs. At the moment it is rather empty but it will be filled in due course. Additionally you can look at my gallery on geocaching.com

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