Geocaching Containers

Geocaches come in all shapes and sizes. This page covers those types that I have found to be most useful for my hides.

As with most other geocachers I started off cheap. That old discarded ice-cream container seemed just perfect in the beginning. My first cache used an ice-cream container but after a year in place in Sweden, where there is snow on the ground for 4-6 months of the year, it didnít make the grade. Enter the Tupperware container, or whatever the equivalent is in Sweden. The rubber or plastic seal is much better and I have now had a few caches in place for more than five years that are still going strong.
Do I need to say where the pencils come from? IKEA have a great little pencil that fits the spot (as does Clas Ohlson, EM MŲbler and a few other places).

Here I have a box of choice. I bought a number of boxes in New Zealand of the snap on snap type- They are water tight and great in most occasions. To that I add some cylindrical plastic containers with screw top that my better half donates after the makeup remover pads have been taken out. As far as possible I try to keep these off ground level as I donít trust their water tightness.

Of course the ubiquitous 35 mm film container is the one I use most of the time. The old Kodak containers - black with grey lid are the ones I prefer. All I seem to be able to get these days are the white Fujifilm containers with the lid that sits inside the container. They do at a pinch but are not as water tight as the Kodak containers so need a baggie inside to keep the logbook dry. If I feel generous I will use a watertight match container with a built in rubber O-ring.
For those special occasions I have some bison containers - or aluminium nano caches.

Plain or camouflaged?
I use both plain and camouflaged containers depending on the container itself and where it will be placed. Originally, I just placed a box somewhere, often in a plastic bag and that was that. Now, I never use a plastic bag and usually camouflage the container in some way. I paint some containers, either in a traditional green/brown/kakhi camouflage patter or in matt black. I have also painted some to resemble stones typical for the are they will be hidden amongst.
I also find both silver tape and camo tape very convenient to use. Silver tape is great for attaching magnets to 35mm canisters that are to be placed on galvanized metal objects.


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