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In addition to myself other members of the team include my partner, children and grandchildren, here one of the latter intent on opening the cache from GC1A83B Stollengruvan. I also have a keen geocaching brother and wife known as zelger. Additionally I have friends around the world that have come with me on several occasions on my travels, starting off as muggles. Some have converted to geocachers, others have not.

Originally, I had listed all my finds with links to GC but they disappeared and it was too much work to put them back again. Just for fun I left the data on my first three hundred finds on this site. My first hundred here, my second hundred here and my third hundred here.

As one of my interests is travelling I have been able to combine visits to various places with geocaching. Obviously as I have been to many places before 2000 I havenít found caches in as many countries as I have visited. Today, I have found geocaches in 22 countries and visited more than fifty. The most exotic find was in Gambia. GCKMGP Tarima Kendolu (Good friends together)



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