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DS8300 is the alias, or nickname that I use to record my Geocaching activities. Everyone that takes part has some such pseudonym that they are known by. This name is then used to login to the www.geocaching.com website where details of caches found or hidden are recorded. In this instance DS8300 is Martin Crowther. The name came from my work ID as the name I wanted to use on geocaching.com was already spoken for. I am often accompanied on my hunts by my girlfriend, daughters, their boyfriends and various assorted friends around the world.

Why do I do it? - I have always been a gadget and map freak so by combining an interest in gadgets with a love of the outdoors I have the perfect motivation to get out into the country to do some exploring. I also have the privilege of travelling around the world in my work so it is great for finding so many wonderful locations that I would never have know existed had it not been for Geocaching.

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