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In common with many others I am a Premium Member of and can download Pocket Queries (PQs). I then import them into GSAK (more at where I add notes, filter, sort and generally do just about everything else. As I travel a lot I have several databases in GSAK that I switch between depending on where I am travelling. I also have a number of macros installed and use some of them regularly. The most common ones being to generate my find statistics and add missing logs to my caches so that I can keep my GC profile updated.

From GSAK I  export the caches in a given area into Mapsource in various quantities - all in the area to get a general feel for cache density then after reading about the caches in GSAK and flagging interesting caches I export that subset of data.

I mix paper and paperless caching. During the summer of 2010 I bought a Garmin Oregon 450 and my need for printouts has decreased dramastically. If I am going to visit a number of caches on the same day I usually print out an overview map of the caches as shown in Mapsource. I have also noted that for multis and mysteries where some on-site calculation may be needed it is reassuring to have a printout and a pencil to jot down notes and calculations

For more ad-hoc caching today's solution is just to go online with the Trimble Geocache Navigator using my Nolia E90 whenever I need updated info in the field. It works most places in the world where there is a mobile phone network.

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